What is play?

How does play change within the context of art?

Do viewers experience the play element within art?

How does the play or non-play aspect change when the artist constrains the type of play that is available to the wearer?

Is the shared experience of interacting with the artwork felt by all wearers?

These are questions I seek to answer in the series, Play.

I chose to explore these ideas through making wearable art pieces due to their proximity to the body and interactive qualities that read similarly to children’s toys.

The pieces in the series are designed with interactive qualities, both visually and physically, for the wearer to experience firsthand. The pieces must be handled and worn in order to understand my intentions of describing various iterations of play within the pieces. These intentions include play vs. non-play, a constrained pathway, the experience of piecing components together as puzzle pieces, and more.

I intend for those who interact with the pieces to reconsider how they see the element of play in their own life.


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